Peace in our future

Our Story

The Peacebuilders program is a framework through which the August 7th Memorial Park works with communities to build sustainable peace.

The program started as a Children’s Club formed in
We’ve engaged 2,000 children with 350 of them
regularly coming to the Park for club activities

What we do

The program engages children, youth and the community through different activities aimed at empowering them to build sustainable peace

Our activities fall under these categories:


  1. Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) sensitization sessions at the park.



  1. Club meet–ups and Stir-up sessions at the Park.
  2. An inter–generational Women in Peace-building
  3. A Police and Teachers engagement program.
  4. Inter – generation skills transfer gathering between
    children and the elderly.

Capacity Building


  1. Environmental clean–ups and Tree planting.
  2. A youth-centred Arts for Social Change program.
  3. Art therapy sessions.

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Our Partners